Poker is one of my passions. 

Until I started traveling extensively, I did not realize how what I thought was a common game of poker, could be spread so differently from state to state.   I try to highlight not only what I find good, but also the negatives, to give you a comprehensive view of each room.  All Rooms are scored on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

NH - Poker Rooms

There are currently eight (8) card rooms in New Hampshire, and I have gone to seven (7) of them. 

Up until 2015, there were little to no cash games due to the state limiting the bet size to $4.  Ridiculous right?  Well in 2015, they started allowing "real" cash games.  They still are not what you might find in Vegas, but they are getting better.

NJ - Poker Rooms

Casinos are currently limited in NJ to Atlantic City. During 2014, four(4) of the casino's closed down.  Of the remaining casino's, you will find poker served up at the Borgata, Bally's, Golden Nugget, Harahs, and Trump's Taj Mahal.