Tabetha Berry

Tabetha Berry

I'm not very fond of the names some people make up to sensationalize locations and occurrences where the veil between those in this plain and those from another meet.  In my eyes, there as so many different experiences one can have that involve everything from coming upon a place filled with residual memory or energy, locations a spirit or entity may be bound to, lost travelers stuck in a loop of memory or identity, or even simply a vortex or portal that allow some to cross over from different dimensions and time.  Titles like "Ghost Hunter" or "Ghost Buster" make it sound as if you're doing this realm some sort of justice, but what about those on the other side? Do they have "Snoop Safaris" where they can all gather on their end and watch us stumble around rickety old shacks or historical hotels like some bad remake of The Blair Witch Project?  How many 'non-locations' become a 'location' or a hub of activity because someone read about someone else's experience?  Then by going there to investigate on their own - desiring to connect so badly -  actually create a portal that wasn't there before!  Which brings me to one of the more important aspects of this concept.  Please take my word - or perhaps reflect on an incident of your own - where there are places you may come across that you'd be glad there is no activity.  Places so negative and ill feeling - not causing you to fear what's there - but more makes you sad for what once was.  Residual emotions of atrocities embedded in the very Earth you may stand on can make you say a prayer of gratitude to the Almighty that NO spirit or entity is tied to such a tumultuous time, location, or event.  That the beings that are no longer there in the darkness that you discover today, have been able to escape the torment of their living, and after learning whatever lessons they came to endure, have moved on and found peace once again.  So, please, please, think about this when "hunting" or exploring.  If you come across such a place, do not call anyone back to relive such an experience just to give you a 'sign' that they're there.  Instead, soak in the environment as it is and allow your inner voice - like a tour guide - to help you fill in the blanks.  

Personally I'm  guilty of everything I listed above at one point or another in my life, so please do not take this a reprimand or put down, but more of a statement of my own realization.  Because I've been able to see, feel, hear, experience, and communicate through all kinds of experiences ever since I can remember, I've tried it all - sometimes twice - since I was a kid; séance, Ouija boards, tape recorders (before I ever heard of an EVP machine), black lights, photographs, mediation, automatic writing, etc.  We (my uncles and I) even invented one called the "flour test", where you take a bunch of lightly ground flour and toss it around in the air of a location and take photographs of any density or discoloration of the powder in the air.  Then when all the flour has settled on the surfaces, sit and wait - watching - to see if you can notice any new foot prints or hand marks that were there in the original dusting.  Let's just say my Grandma was not to hip on this particular mechanism and put an end to that post haste.  Did it ever work?  Well, I'll be honest, my uncles liked to mess with me quite a lot so I'd say sometimes yes and others no.  We did capture a few 'discolored' images on film or even 'shadow spots' in the fog of falling flour that I know for sure they couldn't have faked or made up.  But I don't care how many Oscars or Academy Awards they could have gotten for acting, I truly believe they put the occasional shoe scuffs on the floor and hand prints on the wall when I'd fall asleep just to see my reaction.  Which my first reaction was curiosity and intrigue, but then when they'd start hamming it up and imply it could be an "evil" or "vengeful" spirit - or they'd act scared themselves - it freaked me out!  Terrified me!  So needless to say, that's a big reason I shut out a lot at an early age.  Thankfully, God gave me Grandma and she was always the voice of reason and gentle guidance, (not to mention putting the boys in place for scaring me to begin with).  However, I'm grateful for them too with all my heart.  In spite of their unique sense of humor and playful teasing, they always kept my mind open.  To them everything was possible and always worth looking into, investigating fact from fiction so as to determine the difference between human intervention and universal connection (whatever it might be).

However, the whole purpose of writing this section is so I can share with those of you who may not understand what you're experiencing, or are looking to better understand it.  And hopefully prevent you from falling victim to glorified hollywood versions of "how to", or over zealous relatives with insatiable imaginations.

Points for Ghost Hunting are scored as follows:

  • Vibe (0-1.0 points)
    • Is the hair on your neck standing up
    • Were you emotionally moved
  • Activity (0-2.0 points)
    • Was there any physical activity
      • did anything move
      • did we hear anything
  • Commercialization (0-1.0 points)
    • Are people trying to sensationalize this place
    • Is this a tourist trap
  • History (0-1.0 points)
    • How documented is the history, or is it just a rumor
  • Total Paranormal Score (0-5 points)