Beaver Meadow Family Campground - Java Center, NY

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.4) Average - Open 5/1 - 10/13


  • Restroom & Showers
  • Laundry
  • Swimming Pool
  • Game Room
  • Rec Hall

Site Information:

  • Total Sites (270)
  • Current Seasonal (90)
  • Sites Available (180)
  • Full Hookup (0)

Beaver Meadow Family Campground is located in the Greater Niagara region of Western New York.  Just off 77 in the town of Java Center.

This is a large park with 270 sites, of which none have full hookup's.

When first coming to the park you are greeted with a security gate.  Next to the security gate, is the camp office, and community pool.

The campground's store appears well stocked for many of the needs that you may have while camping, or perhaps just a souvenir to remember your camping experience by.

As you travel through the campground, you do not feel crowded, in fact, the campground is quite peaceful, with rolling hills separating the many area's of the park.

Where there is a WIFi Hotspot, it is only available around the parks store area, so don't plan on using your devices at your campsite, at least not with the provided WiFi Hotspot. 

The campground does provide Hot Showers, however, there are only two (2) bath houses throughout the park, which may make the demand for these rooms high when the camp is full.

The showers themselves are NOT what one would call spa type, but rather rustic in nature.  When it comes to cleanliness, these bath houses do hot the mark.  Rustic as they are, they are kept quite clean.

The grounds themselves also have the attention to detail as far as cleanliness goes, which adds to the peacefulness that one can feel while walking around this park.

With about 1/3 of the campground used by seasonal RV's, there is still plenty of space for those that wish to stay for just a few days at a time.

Need 50 amps of power, there are 28 sites available in two of the three area's for RV's.

Keep in mind there are NO full hookup's in this campground, so they come around with a "Honey Cart" to empty your black tanks while you enjoy your stay, even if you are a seasonal guest.

Either way, if rustic camping in on your calendar, this may be the spot for you.