Maple Lane Campground - Cuba, NY

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.9) Average - Open 4/15 - 10/30

Site Information:

  • Total Sites (46)
  • Current Seasonal (10)
  • Sites Available (36)
  • Full Hookup (20)


  • Restroom & Showers
  • Laundry
  • Table at site


Maple Lane Campground is located in the Chautaugua-Allegheny region of Western New York.  Just off Highway 86, where the 315 crosses it in the town of Cuba.

This is a small park with only 46 sites, of which only 20 come with full hookup's.

Where this park is located within view of Highway 86, surprisingly, it is actually a very quite park, which may also be an indication that not many use the local highway.


When you first enter the park the sites appear to be large in size.  However, where they may have a little more space than an average site, they also do not appear to have full hookup's, only power and water.



Perhaps a cabin in more what you are looking for?

This campground does have cabin rentals. The cabins are situated in the back of the park.  Our first thoughts on them were that they appeared to be rather small.

But either way, they do have them if someone would rather have a cabin.

As you go around the back end of the park, we found something a bit unusual.

An area set aside to walk dogs.  Now it did not appear to be fenced off, but rather just a general area that one can use to exercise one's dogs.

Still, its nice to see a park recognize that RVer's need a little space set aside for one's pets.


When coming around the final side of the park, you find where most of the RV's are situated. 

These sites do appear to be a bit smaller that those from around the park, but perhaps that is just because most of the guests were using these that they appear smaller.


Overall we were surprised by the quietness of the park, but also found it lacking in amenities. 

If one had relatives in the area to visit, or perhaps you find yourself to tired to go any further in the day and just need a site for the night,  then perhaps this is the campground for you.


The park does not have a web site, which would make it hard for most to realize that it is even there, but if you would like to give this campground a go, you can reach them at (585) 968-1677.