Skybrook Campground - Dansville, NY

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.3) Average - Open 5/1 - 10/1


  • Restroom & Showers (4)
  • Pool
  • Laundry
  • Paddle Boat Pond
  • Game Room
  • Rec Hall
  • 8 Horseshoe Pits
  • Volleyball & basketball

Site Information:

  • Total Sites (475)
  • Current Seasonal (250)
  • Sites Available (225)
  • Full Hookup (5)

Skybrook Campground is located in Dansville, NY, in the Chautangua Allegheny region.

When you first come into the park, you would never guess that this park has over 255 acres, and 475 sites, as you can barely see any of the sites up to this point in the park.  To mask the size even further is helped along by the rolling hillside.  This helps in making everything appear secluded, and roomy. 

The roads are very basic, cut through the years of use, rather than gravel, or paved with asphalt. 

As you continue going into this expansive park, you will come upon play area's for the kids. 

You will also see other facilities like this bath house. 

But don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case the outside of these buildings.


They are actually very nicely done on the inside, with more like a spa feel than a rustic bath house.


With stone tile floors, as well as showers, these bath houses are a cut above, very nice indeed.


The men's and women's bath house are basically identical in design. Because of the small size of the building, there are only 2 showers for men and women alike.




Its nice to see a touch of home when RVing in a rustic place. 

More parks should take a cue from this, as I suspect most prefer to be a little pampered when RVing.

With only four(4) of these throughout the park, we would think that they get pretty congested at peak season.




As you continue your drive around the park you will see very nice sites with what I would think are probably nice views.



One thing that becomes apparent in this park, is the lack of full hookup's. 

Where you might have water and power at many sites, almost all are without sewer. 



For someone spending any length of time at a park, that can certainly create a unique situation, typically involving the "honey cart".



Overall, this park is very interesting.  It was much larger than we expected, has expansive views, and many other activities that kids could enjoy.  But with the lack of a sewer system, if falls into the more rustic type park.