Lakes Region Casino - Belmont, NH

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.6) Average

10 Tables

Lakes Region Casino is located in Belmont, NH.

This is by far one of the best of the poker rooms in New Hampshire, not because it scored the highest, as it did not, but because the games here have the best structure, and the turnout size is the most consistent.

The players are good, and the action is consistent.  The floor stays up on the current TDA rulings, and minutes, which is very refreshing.  Where I can honestly say I do not always agree with some rulings made from the floor, this poker room at least physically looks at the TDA rules,  and then applies the questionable situation to those rulings.  I may not always agree with the choice, but at least it is not arbitrary, as some rooms seem to be.


Each month they also have a free entry tournament for those that qualified throughout the month, by doing well in other paid tournaments, and yes there is a prize pool that is pretty good as well.

The tables are not high end casino quality, but are sturdy nevertheless.  There is enough room to allow players to have meals brought to table side without causing complete congestion.



Beyond the typical things that one looks for in a poker room, this one has a GREAT kitchen, and bar attached.  Where there may be something on the menu that is not great, I did not find it, and I tried a very good portion of the menu in my visits there.



There are also dart boards, and pool tables in the bar/restaurant area for your enjoyment.

On the weekends they even bring in live bands to liven things up.



This is by far my favorite poker room in New Hampshire.  It's worth the extra drive, so check it out - you will not be disappointed.