Tabetha Berry - Extreme Explorer

Growing up rurally, Tabetha has always felt more at home in nature than in the city, yet always dreamt of travel.  A lover of the unique, unusual and aged tales of history, she’s always believed there’s an untold story behind all the stories ever heard.  And so exploring the country from San Juan Capistrano to Boston, there’s no limits to where she’s willing to go find the story that’s been waiting to be told.


Ron Berry - Photographer / VIDEOGRAPHER

One of the greatest thrills of traveling is being able to share it with everyone, specially in today’s world of technology.  So, as a skilled photographer of 30 + years, Ron took the challenge of filming the nation one frame at a time.  Shooting in a variety of formats, Ron’s talent has helped the viewer re-discover - and fall in love with - the hidden beauties of long forgotten places in America.


Lili Balian - Production Assistant / Associate 3rd Wheel

Lili has always been infected with the travel bug. From a young age she explored the world with her family and there began her love for her country and its national parks. She has a deep connection with nature and wildlife and loves to be outdoors. When friends Tabetha and Ron extended the invitation to join them on their travels in their RV, Lili was eager to experience the RVing lifestyle.