Rockingham Park Poker Room - Salem, NH

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.4) Average

25+ Tables

Rockingham Park card room is located in the Rockingham Park race track facility.

The facility is worn down, and not up to date.  The monitors that they use for showing the tournament clock's are old 19" color TV's, the old "tube" type, so they are blurry, and hard to see at best.

The chairs are what you might find at a cheap conference table, certainly not casino grade.

Where the facility can certainly facilitate larger pools of players, they do not seem to attack the size of crowd that one might expect.

Every day they run different tournaments, and generally they get from 25 to 60 players at any time.  There are occasions where they have a special tournament, and get over 100 players.

The bar is next to the playing tables, so there really is no waitress serving the players.  Food is pretty much non-existent, but you can get a hot dog if you choose.

Dealers are nice, but many of them would rather work elsewhere..

Over all, the room average, the people are nice, so go check it out if you have some spare time.