River Card Room - Milford, NH

SCORE: ☆☆ (2.5) Average

25 Tables

The River Card room is located in a "strip mall", in the quite town of Milford, NH.

Up until 2015, New Hampshire law capped bets at $4, making NLHE pretty much unavailable in the state.  After all who wants to play NLHE, with a max $4 bet.  I think they call that limit.

The River Card room, instead has become known for its NLHE tournament's.

Every day they run different tournaments, and generally they can get up to about 70 players at any time.  Once in a while they have a special tournament, where they may get over 100 players, but that only happens perhaps once per month.

The card room is run a little different than most. The dealers as they move from table to table, bring their own cards.

The floor is helpful, and for the most part up to date on current rules, and rulings.

Generally, you have to go to the bar to get your own drinks and food, but you can then take them to your table.  There is at times a waitress, but the service is poor, and you are better off going to the bar.

The dealers are nice, and after playing there a few ties they will begin to recognize you, and keep up with whats going on with you since you were last there.






Over all, the room is fun, the people are nice, so if you get a chance, go check it out.