The Borgata Hotel Casino - Atlantic City, NJ

SCORE: ☆☆☆☆ (4.3) Great

The Best room in New Jersey by far.

The Borgata poker room, as well as the casino is modeled like a high roller casino that you would find in Las Vegas.  With 85 tables, it is one of the largest rooms in the U.S.  The room is big, bright, with high ceilings, and great selection for games.  The chairs could stand to be a little more comfortable, but are in line with an average chair found in most poker rooms. 

Unlike many rooms, the tables are not packed in, giving you plenty of room to get to your seat without bumping into everyone along the way. The tables are well cared for at all times, with high grade felt and very comfortable rails.

The rake is very reasonable at a max of $4.  Comps $'s can be earned playing poker for those interested in using the rewards card, which can be spent at the retail shops, cafeteria, as well as the restaurants, bars, hotel, spa, salon, and other places.

The wait in generally short, as the room has a lot of action, and seats generally only take a few minutes.

You can see at any time what is gong on by going to the Bravo app, and seeing if the game you want is running at the time, and how many are waiting.

So if you get a chance to play at the Borgata, you should, as it is one of the top poker rooms in the country, and certainly the best in Atlantic City.


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