Manch Vegas - Manchester, NH

SCORE: ☆ (1.4) Below Average

17 Tables

Located in the city of Manchester, NH, it is very central to many players, but the room does not attack the number of players that one would think.  Of the eight (8) rooms located in New Hampshire, it is one of the worst overall. One might say it is everything a poker room should not be. 

The chairs are not what you would typically find at a poker room.  Really nothing about this room invites one to want to play here.  In fact most of the people that live near it go elsewhere.


The tables are what you might find at a low end home game, shallow cup holders, thin rails, and very tight seating.

The website for this room is typically unavailable.

This is definitely a room to avoid, as most any other room in New Hampshire is better in so many areas.